Creating an anxious-free Mama heart in parenting

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have some direction on how to raise your children?

Create an Anxious-free Heart


It is really disheartening to have lot’s of people, with great intentions, sharing parenting advice on what worked for them, what you need to do, that they will grow out of it eventually. Only to find things don’t get better, and while they may grow out of it, you can’t put up with this behaviour for any longer!

Sound familiar?

I know it.

I’ve had those conversations.

I’ve shamefully been one of those well-meaning people.

Though, while I could be behind the 8 ball, I have come to realise that people don’t want advice, they want direction.

A direction where they can use their unique skills and knowledge to support their unique children effectively.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

As a mother myself, I’ve tried all the tricks in the book to help my 6-year-old. Though nothing really fitted her personality. She’s a live-wire for sure! Headstrong and independent.

We’ve certainly had our struggles, as all parents have.

Family Marriage Parenting

What I found most, has been that none of those tools and strategies really worked, and if they did, it wasn’t long-lasting. Reflecting on this, I found that what I really needed to do, was work on myself as a parent.

I was growing and am growing too!

I bring my own issues to the plate.

Though 6 years on, I’m still on my journey and through my counselling training and on-the-job parenting training, I’ve gained some insights that I’d like to share with you.

Mindsets and background information which just made everything click into place.

These which allow me to stay in control, reduce anxiety, and enjoy my daughter’s company.

These which allows me the freedom to dream big for her and urge her to dream big too.

I have found that parenting with anxiety is kinda like having handcuffs wrapped around your wrists while trying to paint. It’s messy and there is no room to move. We need to remove the bondage of anxiety so you can freely relax when the Lego box is upended…again. When the laundry is waist-high…again. When the kids wail through the stores, shattered that they can’t have the latest toy…again.

Mama, Creating an anxious-free heart will allow you to connect with your family, to feel present, safe, and loved.


How does that sound to you?


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