Harness your Anger ~ Individual Coaching


a morning with no arguments going to school and work…

afternoons of calmness getting the chores done and having real family time…

bedtime with peaceful kids who stay in bed, wait, that’s not realistic, only get up once or twice for a drink…

Sound amazing?

I thought so too. A little too amazing.

Though it’s possible. Not every day is like this. The family is a living, breathing creäture, so there will be good days and not so pleasant days. But for the most part, I have found that I could enjoy my family again and not feel like I’m losing it every time I see them!

If you are finding that you are losing your cool more than you care to, your children are back-chatting following in your steps, relationships are cooling off, and it just needs to stop! Then this is the package for you.

This package includes 6 hours of 1:1 coaching. To begin with, you will receive a first 2-hour session to deep dive, check-in, explore the assessment reports (completed before this session), explore the background behind the “Mind Reaction Chart”, a tool designed to give you back the control and harness that anger. Following that, you will receive a one-hour session once a month for four months to make sure the applied steps take hold.

Our investments highlight what we value


$986 (Including GST) or four monthly payments of $297*

What are you getting in your 6 hours of coaching?

This will vary between people, however, the general plan will look like the following:

Session 1a: Deep Dive

This is where we get to know you.

  • Who you are
  • Where you have come from
  • What your circumstances are

Session 1b: What is Anger?

  • What is it helpful for?
  • Where does it come from?
  • How is it triggered?
  • What does the body have to do with it?

Understanding anger gives us the power to harness it in your life. Utilising the Mind Reaction Chart will take you through effective exercises to master that power.

Session 2: Follow-up

This session is all about following up on the last session.

  • Any questions you might have
  • Insights gained
  • Roadblocks and barriers

We will develop strategies to try to overcome these roadblocks. We need to strive for excellence for this to work long-term, these processes will give you the tools to troubleshoot issues in the future.

Sessions 3 & 4: Maintenance Mode

These sessions will be like session 2, though we will get deeper to the heart of the issues and refine the strategies to make sure they are effective for your unique situation.

Session 5: Closing

All going well, this will be our last session. Here, we will discuss:

  • Potential future opportunities to use the developed strategies
  • Plans to keep up maintenance
  • How to check situations that may need addressing

Throughout this process, you will develop skills & tools, gain wisdom and discernment into the power of anger and how to truly harness it for your benefit, and how to keep up the progress you have made to make sure you’re set for life.


Is this something you would like to explore?

Contact me here to book your 15-minute free consult to discuss if this is the best fit for you.

*If you need the payment plan option, please discuss with me in our 15-minute free consult session