Is a course really important?

If you want a job in, say nursing, what do you do?

a) Read lots and lots of books?

b) Spend time talking to other nurses?

c) Research thoroughly through Google?

No. You would intentionally seek out the best course on nursing you could do that will give you the results you need.

Family . Marriage . Parenting . Course

Why wouldn’t you do the same with your family?

The rate of divorce these days are astronomical. Aside from the emotional cost involved, how expensive are those legal fees again? Is marriage just a piece of paper? Divorce is SO much more than ripping up a piece of paper. Much like completing that nursing qualification, which you also get a very expensive and valuable piece of paper.

Why wouldn’t you invest time, energy, and yes finances into your marriage? It will cost you much more to lose it!

Parenting, however, we are willing to invest in that!

There are SO many experts in the field and some really valuable ones.

Though, no one knows your child like you do.

Sometimes our children need a slightly different approach than what the experts share (after all, they can only share as much content as humanly possible!).

Family . Marriage . Parenting . Course


What about a course that taps into your strengths as a parent?

That helps you to tailor your parenting according to your values and what your children’s need?


If this is what you are looking for, to really get the most out of your marriage or parenting, check out the courses above for more detail.