Checking-in & Goal-Setting ~ Individual Coaching


stepping out into the unknown with confidence…

being able to lead your family in the direction you know they will thrive in…

being the Mama-bear advocate who lifts cars for their babies… well, perhaps not literally being able to lift cars… though figuratively wouldn’t that be amazing?!

Wouldn’t that be life-changing?

Sometimes we just need to talk things out with someone. Someone who is not biased or deeply involved in the situation. Someone who has some tools and strategies to really help you move towards your goals and out of the rut of work and home, work and home, work and home. Yet, you may just need the right direction shown instead of making a big commitment to counselling.

Though something has to give…

How long can you put up with life being tolerable?

When will enough be enough?

Do you want to risk getting to that point?

This Checking-in package may just be what you need. With 3 hours of personal coaching, held over 3 months, to create a plan and to give you that accountability to truly commit to change and moving forward in your goals.

Our investments highlight what we value


$485 (Including GST) or three monthly payments of $194*

What are you getting in your 3 hours of coaching?

This will vary between people, however, the general plan will look like the following:

Session 1: Deep Dive and Plan

This is where we get to know you and your life.

  • Who you are
  • Where you have come from
  • What your circumstances are

Through this deep dive, we will work out a plan of action based on SMART goals:

S – Specific: What is your goal? What do you want to do?

M – Measurable: What do you need to see to know you have reached it? How do you know you are moving forward?

A – Achievable: Is the goal actually possible? Do we need to consider any changes to make sure it is?

R – Relevant: Is the goal going to move you towards the place you want to go? Is there a different goal that will be more effective?

T – Time-bound: How long do we push through to see change? When do we check if the plans are progressing?

Session 2: Follow-up

This session is all about following up on the last session.

  • Any questions you might have
  • Insights gained
  • Roadblocks and barriers

We will develop strategies to try to overcome these roadblocks. We need to strive for excellence for this to work long-term, these processes will give you the tools to troubleshoot issues in the future.

Session 3 Maintenance Mode & Closing

This session will be like session 2, though we will get deeper to the heart of the issue and refine the strategies to make sure their effectiveness for your unique situation.

All going well, this will be our last session. Here, we will discuss:

  • Potential future opportunities to use the developed strategies
  • Plans to keep up maintenance
  • How to check situations that may need addressing

Throughout this process, you will develop skills & tools, gain wisdom and discernment in your life and family to experience that freedom of working towards your career and a healthy family.

Is this something you would like to explore?

Contact me here to book your 15-minute free consult to discuss if this is the best fit for you.

*If you need the payment plan option, please discuss with me in our 15-minute free consult session