About Jess

Hey there!

I’m Jess. A happy wife of one, blessed mother of two gorgeous girls, with a mission to see families thrive in every sense of the word.

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It has been 10 years of marriage for me this year, time really does fly, though it doesn’t mean it has all been fun.

I remember the days when our love was young, we were in the sprint, it was fun and exciting. Then life started to look more adult-like. Responsibilities were creeping on us faster than we could imagine. The marathon had begun.

Both of us are from big families and we both wanted (still want) a big family of our own.

Though that hasn’t come easy. It took a bit to fall pregnant with our first, though it was an extra 4 years before we could welcome bubby number two.

Throughout the stress infertility brings, we were also navigating our life as a married couple AND as parents. We hadn’t done that before!! It was ALL so new!!

However, I am so thankful to God that he connected me with my husband, and to Counselling. Because now, I have a great support network. I have learnt so much through my studies that I have been able to apply inside myself and my family.

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So I want to share that with you.

It pains me to see families struggling with life. To have clients come to see me for help in their relationships when at least one of them is already out the door.

To stop the heartache that family dysfunction brings, we need to live intentionally. We need think with discernment and wisdom about what is best for our unique individual families.

Do you want live intentionally?

Will you invest in your family?

How much is it worth to you?

Join me on this mission of raising healthy families that function together.

It is so great to meet you, sign up for your FREE Shift your Thoughts printable to kick your journey off to create an anxious-free heart.


P.S. Yes! We need to update our family photos to include our newest edition!!