How to really keep your family internet safe


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The nagging is incessant, they just had screen time, but it wasn’t enough. What is the pull that draws our children in? What is taking them hostage in the online space? Is the internet safe for them?

I remember when I was a teenager. My Mum had so much more patience than either of us gave her credit for. Thankfully, in her patience, she taught me the dangers of the internet. It took a while for the “it will never happen to me” perspective to meltdown, though once a few alarming comments from the randoms I had become “friends” with, I realised that Mum wasn’t overreacting.

It’s an issue that is becoming bigger and bigger. Children, even adults, are at risk of either being scammed by “the love of their life”, kids being groomed and either assaulted, raped, kidnapped, or killed. Other kids end up seeing images that can never be unseen causing extreme trauma and affecting the rest of their lives as a result.

When spiders weave their webs they know which strands are sticky and which ones are safe. Unfortunately, we don’t weave the web of the net, and it’s too easy to slip on a sticky strand.

Though the internet is an amazing place to explore!

It’s a great tool for connecting with loved ones across the globe. It means people can stay home with their kids AND keep working. The internet makes it possible to study the course you want without crossing states or countries. It’s wholesome family entertainment. Options for easier banking, quicker shopping, and it’s even easier to pay your bills and do your taxes – yay! Feel free to add some more! The possibilities are endless!

The internet does not have to be a scary place.

How would you like to protect your children while giving them some freedom?
To help a friend or spouse to get out of the grip of porn or gambling addictions?
What would you give to have the peace of mind that you know exactly what each member of your home is looking at right down to the time of day?

Well, it’s possible to affordably protect your family, keeping the internet safe.

When my husband went to Bible College, they required all students living on campus to install Covenant Eyes. 10 years later and we still use it.

Covenant Eyes is an accountability program with two options.

  1. Filtering. This is a great option for younger kids who only use specific websites such as education programs. This isn’t helpful for teenagers as restrictive filtering is a bit too strong which makes research for homework really tricky
  2. Accountability. This option is great for teens and adults alike. When you sign up for the program, you nominate who the accountability partner is. This person receives regular emails with a summary of any unsuitable websites that have been accessed in the last week and an outline of the average use of the internet throughout the week. This way, you can tell if the internet is regularly being used at 1 am. It doesn’t restrict access to content, so they have the freedom to choose, knowing that you will find out. You can keep the internet safe for your loved ones by keeping them accountable for what they do with it.

And with the family plan, you can allow different levels of content so your 16-year-old can access more for their school assignments than their 5-year-old sister needs.

With the option for adding 5 devices per account, you can have your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop covered with room for one more.

Sounds expensive?

How does $21.99AUD a month for the family plan sound? That’s one coffee a week protecting your family from pain and destruction. So you can have peace of mind and relax when your young ones take their learning to the next level.

What are you waiting for? Jump on this option today and rest easy, knowing the internet is a safe place for your loved ones. Click here to start your internet safety journey…


  1. Felicty J

    This is so important for our littles!!! I monitor my child’s internet usage daily!!! It is a great resource but so vulnerable for kids at the same time!
    Thanks forsharing! 😁

    1. Jess

      Absolutely! Great to hear. Unfortunately sometimes things can’t be unseen in this big world of web.
      Sounds like your kids are in safe hands, keep up the great work 😊

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