Are you sabotaging your goals?

So, 2018 has started.

It started with so much hope and excitement! January you were going great guns at investing in your plans for your health, wealth, and family life.

Printables Here!

February arrives.

School goes back.

Work gets back to normal.

Routine has taken prime place on the calendar, though your goal planning is taking a back seat.

This was the year that everything was finally going to work!

You made the plan, you had the dream in mind, you knew exactly what you needed to do.

Though you start slowing down, progress is stalling.

You glance back at the calendar and realise we are almost halfway through the year again and you are still in the same place!

What is going on here?! What am I doing wrong?!

I know where you went wrong. It is where I have gone wrong myself!

I started the year all gung-ho, ready to make 2018 the year everything goes right.

But so far it hasn’t.

After some late night tears and tearing my hair out, I realised where I went wrong.

It was so simple!

I needed an inventory.

Yes! I need these!! (1)

Yes, this goes with the planning side of things, though I missed it. I went through those SMART goals and knew what I needed to do, though I didn’t consider what my resources were. The resources I needed to do the things that I needed to do!

What I needed was an inventory to check in the physical, emotional, time, and financial resources that I had, to work out what I need to have, and have a plan to gather what was missing.

I can’t meet my goals if I’m burnt out from not allowing enough time to pace myself.

If I haven’t checked my finances to make sure I had enough to move forward, I wouldn’t make any headway.

I’m wasting my time if I’m consumed with other worries.

You get the drift, and I know you’re in the same place.

untitled (1 of 1)-173

We are building intentional families, though we can’t do that if we don’t assess what we have, what we need, and what are the gaps!

So, to fix this problem of mine here is the solution. Here is my gift to you. You’re very own goal setting inventory.

Give it a whirl and let me know what goals you are working on for your family!

Download your FREE Goal Planning Inventory here!


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  1. The Holy Hippie

    Goal planning is so important and I think planning on a phone is too passive. I can easily overlook notifications on my phone, even if I set alerts. It’s great that you have downloads for everyone to try so that way they can write it all down! Thanks again!

    1. intentionalfamilieswithjess

      Oh yes! So easy to hit stop or snooze and we go back to doing what we always do! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Modeline Dupera

    This was really good! Keeping organzied can help your day so much!

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