Identity of a Mother – Do you know yours?


When someone asks you “what do you do?”, how do you respond?

Do you find yourself cringing, trying to find as many descriptive words as possible because you feel like you are busy all the time, yet do nothing?

You feel you need to prove yourself.

You feel that you need to give in any way that is outside of the house.

Mum, I hear you.

see you.

As a Mum, I also struggle with not contributing to the outside. I love being able to work from home which helps to bring in money, though I still feel like I need to prove myself.

To me, this suggests that money isn’t the issue.

It is an issue, more so for some than others.

Though it is not the issue.

The issue is identity.

When people ask “what do you do?”, we tend to interpret that as “who are you?”

Oh, I am a counsellor, I am a trainer, I am a minister’s wife, I’m a mum.

This ends up highlighting that what I do is who I am.

Though this misses a huge part!

I am NOT the sum of what I do, I AM the product of The Creator.

There is so much more to me, there is so much more to you!

As you go through your day, remind yourself that you do what you do, because of who you are.

For me, I am a counsellor, a trainer, a minister’s wife, a mum, because of who I am made to be!

Don’t fall into that trap of needing to prove who you are by what you do.

You have been fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 1139:14), anything else is an attribute of your core being, not the other way around.


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