Welcome to motherhood! This is what you need to know

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Well, there it is.

The elusive blue line that confirms your life will never be the same again.

That blue line is powerful. It conjures up intense feelings that you may not have expected.

Feelings of elation, excitement, anticipation.

Or perhaps for some feelings of disappointment, fear, grief, trepidation.

Welcome to motherhood!

Regardless of what is to come, you have entered the stage of motherhood, where every decision from now on in, needs considering with the little one in tow.

The pregnancy side of things is fairly straightforward. You have your resources at hand, your little one tucked safely away and you only need to focus on making yourself feel comfortable. There is of course other aspects involved here that need attention, though that is for another time.

Here, I want to explore the time where you meet your little one for the first time.

Face to face.

No longer face to screen.

Now you have that precious bundle wrapped up in your arms, laying on your belly as you take in every movement they make and thank God that it is over.

You made it.

You survived.

Now, we just have the rest of our lives to live.

The feel-good hormones begin to wear off.

Your breasts feel like ticking time bombs, though you can’t see the countdown.

You cry when the dishes don’t wash properly.

When the clothes need washing….again

When the health insurance ad comes on TV.

Heck, you start crying at anything!

Your husband is at a loss for what to do. He feels like no matter what he does, it just isn’t right.

You look at everything around you and wonder how it came to this. This is meant to be the most beautiful time in your life.

This looks nothing like your Pinterest board.

When will this end? When will you start to enjoy this precious one you worked so hard for? What about baby number two? How will you cope with another one to look after? What if your husband just can’t take it anymore?

Well, what if….

You could enjoy this time?

It wasn’t so consuming?

You felt at peace while the tears and milk flow freely?

Well, you can.

It shouldn’t be that hard. Sure, it isn’t easy, nothing worthwhile ever is.

You just gave birth, that is a huge effort!

Your hormones are rampaging as they work hard to adjust your mind and body to replenish energy and resources to nourish your little one and yourself.

Many cultures don’t allow new mothers to do anything except look after their baby at least for the first few months. So what are we doing pushing Mum’s to pick up where they left off?

A stark contrast to our society glorifies the new Mum who is marking assessments in the hospital or returning to work after 2 weeks. Yes, we can do it, though do we really need to prove it? Can’t we take time to stop and think about the new life we helped bring into the world?

Even God took a day to rest. So who are we to think we are above that?

What we need is a tribe. A support group to help support the family, new Daddy included.

Though who could do this?

Have you heard of a Post-partum Doula? No, you read correctly, not a birthing Doula, a Post-partum Doula.

A specially trained professional who understands what you are experiencing, why, and what you do to make life just that little bit more peaceful.

Where you can stop, take a breath, and marvel at the miracle that just happened.

You don’t need to do everything. Sometimes asking for help is exactly what you need to do.

Because life is important, and you can’t do it alone.

Would you like to become a Postpartum Doula? Do you enjoy supporting new parents? Does it break your heart to hear new parents suffering through this time? Click here to learn more about what training you can do, online, to meet this dream.

Look After Yourself V2

*Please note, this post has affiliate links which I proudly share. I have done this training personally and it changed my whole outlook on birth and parenting. Though, if you would prefer not to click the affiliate link, you can google Newborn Mothers with Julia Jones.

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