“This parenting gig is hard work, though it really is worth the effort” I’d love to say I say that every day, but…I don’t. The truth is it is hard, and when you feel like you lose your cool more times than you can count, the truth is you wonder what is the point at all as my anxious heart thumps loudly.

Cue the Mummy guilt!

There are so many out there who want children, I was one of them (don’t get me wrong, I do want them still), though struggling through secondary infertility was such a big focus that I hadn’t considered how difficult it would be when my dreams became a reality.

When those hormones kicked in, man was it a new level of rage or what! It felt uncontrollable and started this absolute vicious cycle of anger, guilt, shame, frustration, more anger, more guilt, more shame, more frustration, and so on.

But there is hope. It is possible to break the vicious cycle. Yes it has something to do with our thoughts, but that is just one piece of the puzzle – the reason the cycle feels out of control, is because well it is out of control! The problem is, we try to control it by going against the flow – ever tried canoeing upstream? Yup, exhausting, and when you feel like you are getting somewhere and can rest a bit, you find yourself right back where you started.

So let’s change tactic.

Let’s go downstream and ride the waves.

Let’s see where it leads us and enjoy the ride and save that precious energy to actually play and enjoy those kids you love so dearly!

Grab a cuppa tea and jump on board, I promise you won’t spill it (and even if you do, let’s not sweat the small stuff hey?)

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